I am on mission to explore and discover the beauty of pakistan

I started my lifetime exploration journey in 2011 from marree and wants to mark my footprint on each and everywhere in Pakistan.

To be honest very few people are aware of the potential of this country and having perception that its in war zone and not safe to travel.



Pakistan filled with beautiful landscapes, towering mountains, deserts, and forests. This land of beauty is located in the center of South Asian sub-continent.

it is a home of rich history and cultural heritage. Traces of many old civilizations lies within the boundaries of this beautiful land, people here are from different cultures and religions, speaking different languages. Its Northern Areas are worth watching beautiful landscapes, towering mountains covered with snow, beautiful waterfalls, it has lakes filled with crystal clear water. They all make Pakistan a piece of heaven. World’s second highest mountain lies here in Pakistan. Pakistan’s largest river which is 2869kms long is river starts flowing from Southern Tibet and after many twists and turns it discharges its water into the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan has the traces of an advanced civilization which was present here about 2500 years ago in Indus valley. The remains of ancient history are found at the places of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro, and Kot Diji which are the proof of Pakistan’s great historical background. Pakistan due to its rich cultural heritage, a vast range of beautiful landscapes comprising of forests, high mountains, and lakes filled with peaceful and crystal clear water, deserts and fertile plains is indeed a great place for all the people around the world to visit.