Tharparker is a district that occurs in the southeast of Sindh. It happens to be one of the 23 districts of the Sindh Province. More than 90% of the people live in more than 200 rural villages.

The headquarters of the thar is known as Mithi. A very large area of that parker constitutes of the Thar Desert. The language spoken in tharparer region is called Dhatki which is also known as the ‘Thari’ Language. Thari is basically a Rajasthani language and is the most spoken language in the region.

However, some people also speak Urdu and Sindhi. Tharparker homes two kinds of classes, the Muslims and the Hindus. According to a consensus held in 1998, Muslims constitute almost 59% of the population whereas Hindus constitute the rest of 41% of the total population of the region.